Family Tips For Keeping Dental Health in Check

Keeping the gums and teeth healthy in your family is always going to be a priority for any parent who prides themselves on their ability to raise their children well. Not only does a bright smile look great to the world around but it also ensures helps to highlight the strength in your nutritional choices for your family and their general health.

Great oral health promotes great general health, making toothaches and bacterial infections a thing of the past and increasing you and your family’s well-being. As for tips on how to go about doing exactly that? Hopefully the following will help show you the way.

Start Early

Statistics show that one in four young children develop signs of tooth decay before they start school. You don’t have to add to that statistic, in fact you can really help fight against it by ensuring your children start early in their habits and practices surrounding their own oral health.

As soon as their first teeth appear you can begin going about taking care of them. Wipe them clean gently at first with a soft brush or cloth, later, when they are around the age of two, they can take matters into their own hands and begin brushing for themselves, with your guidance.

Use Fluoride

As any good pediatric dentist will tell you, fluoride helps reinforce strong and healthy teeth, thickening enamel and reducing its chance of decay. Luckily most people drink water that is fluorinated. In case you don’t have access to a fluorinated water source, ensure you and your family have a way of applying fluoride to your teeth, whether via a toothpaste or mouthwash. The benefits it brings speaks for itself.

Dental Sealants

Don’t be scared by the fact that some molars can decay quickly, despite your efforts to promote good oral care in your family. In this case the protective coating on the surfaces of back teeth can deteriorate quickly. Combat the issue by seeing a dentist and acquiring dental sealants to help protect these teeth from further damage.

Healthy Brushing Habits

Emphasizing regular brushing times and frequency in your family is essential if habits are to get ingrained and the oral health of your family to stay in good shape. Gum disease and tooth decay are still big problems in most of the developed world, especially in teenagers and older people. To reduce the chances of this impacting your family ensure that toothbrushes are changed three to four times per year, that members of your family see a dentist and undergo a health check regularly (at least every six months) and that good quality toothbrushes that can be used easily, by both young and old, are available to family members who need them.

Eat Well

Finally, to really shore up the dental health of your family, promote a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients for each person in your family, possibly sitting down for mealtimes together to keep tabs that people are eating well. That means grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, dairy as well as meat. A balanced diet can go a long way to ensuring great teeth, especially if you cut out sweets or sugary drinks where possible.

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